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The course was really informative and the fact that you come out as a nutrition coach is perfect, especially as online coaching is a rapidly expanding area in the industry. I would recommend this course for those who are starting out in the industry and want to get to grips with the basics of diet planning for clients and achieve a qualification in this area. 

Zanna Vandyjk - Health & Fitness Vlogger, Blogger and all round amazing fitness fanatic

I've wanted to make a career in this industry for years, and having chosen No1 Fitness, the course honestly couldn't have been better. I struggle to concentrate sometimes but the tutors kept it interesting and thought-provoking.

This course offers more than just your usual text book training techniques and the nutritional insights are priceless. I feel equipped to finally make a difference in the leisure and fitness industry. This wasn't just a course for me - it was a life changer.

Paul Tompkins

I found the course very enjoyable and informative, the tutors Josh and Jamie are very friendly and knowledgeable and approachable with any questions I had both in class and outside (email etc.) Their explanations were very easy to understand and helpful both in the theory and practical side of the course.

I learnt lots of anatomy and training techniques that I didn't know before, along with diets plans that will help with my career.

I feel I'm set with a good working knowledge of trainer/client relations both the legal side and the working relationship side and different training techniques using free weight and resistance machines and advanced CV exercises.

I feel ready to start my career especially with the knowledge of knowing if I have any problems I can contact Josh and continue being part of the no1fitness family...

Mathew Bar

"I think it's honest to say that I fell into personal training. As a dancer, it's imperative for me to stay in shape and to take care of my body and so when, out of the blue, I was presented with the opportunity to become a personal trainer with the aim of helping other people to do the same, it was a no-brainer - an affordable, in-depth course, provided by one of the front-runners in the personal training industry. No1 Fitness Education gave me all of the necessary skills and much more to become a knowledgeable, skilful, personable and reflective PT. I look forward to embarking on my new career within the fitness industry."

Lori Barker

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