My PT Career Options

Here’s a taster of the choices available to newly qualified Personal Trainers.


Employed Opportunities


-Small independent gyms

A great environment to gain a fuller understanding of all aspects to gym operations,

customer service, client retention, and opportunities to build relationships with

longer standing clients.


-Hotel Spa Gyms

Very often a prestigious environment with exclusive facilities and clients. A brilliant

setting to understand expectation levels of high fee paying guests and members.


-Large Multi-chain Gyms

Heavily marketed and sales focused, the chain arena offers a platform to learn

system based procedures, from diary management, to up-selling extra training

services and classes.


-Cruise Ship Gyms

With a constant turnover of new clients, this transient setting develops a Trainer’s

ability to get to the heart of a client’s requirements quickly and effectively and

deliver a training schedule that transforms and rewards.


-Gyms Abroad

As our qualification entitles you to practice internationally, working abroad can

familiarize Trainers with a variety of cultures, and adds depth to any Training C.V.

not to mention the enjoyment of seeing the rest of the world.


Own Business Opportunities


-Self Employed Personal Trainer

An exciting opportunity to make a business out of your qualification.

Setting up as a self employed Personal Trainer affords you the freedom of choosing

your own hours, targeting your preferred client profiles, and retaining keeping all the



Attached to the self employed freedoms are the responsibilities of legal obligations

such as HMRC and liability insurance requirements, as well as the necessity of self

promotion and marketing in order to win clients (your wage payers!)


-Gym Ownership

A progressive step towards creating larger revenue streams allowing you to earn

even when you’re not training. Membership fees and personal trainer fees via

trainers operating out of your gym, paying you commissions/rent are the two

primary sources of extra income, on top of your own client base.

As with the self employed route, owning your own gym business comes with greater

responsibilities, and sounds financial planning in the form of projecting, budgeting

and contingency preparation are required to increase profitable operating.

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