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No1 Fitness are known for our transformations with our clients. Results speak louder than anything else and will help you become a successful trainer. We will show how to do this with your clients.


Sam Pridham

Men's Health Winning Transformation Sam came to No1 Fitness to make a drastic change to his fitness, and he achieved it! Fed up with the impact on his body of City life - endless work drinks and business lunches, he felt it was time to make a change. With some incredible dedication, and a heap of motivation and focus from his health coaches here at No1 Fitness, Sam went from being overweight to being super proud of his cover model, chiselled body. Sam’s transformation, under the guidance of No1 Fitness Director Ben Camara, led to Ben being named Men’s Health Champion Personal Trainer Of The Year beating 2000 other entrants. In just 11 weeks Sam went from 25% body fat down to 11%. -


Zakiya Dhansey

I remember the first time walking into the Tower Bridge studio scared, nervous and worried. I had always battled with my weight. Signing up to gyms and ending up not going - I then found No1 online and decided to give them a try.

My biggest weight was 110kg and at the time of joining no1 fitness I was 100kg and very upset about myself image. I met Jamie who reassured me that we together will get the results I wanted. It wasn't easy and indeed looking back was certainly a rollercoaster of a journey. The constant tears and melt downs where a weekly occurrence in my training sessions with Jamie, whom probably should of had someone support him too. There was a point where I wanted to give up but Jamie kept me going. He was determined to get me to where I always wanted to be, a healthy, toned slimmer me. 
And here I am 65kg, feeling great and oozing with confidence.


Jack Armstrong

After years of trying to lose weight and always giving up after a couple of weeks, it was training with Jamie at No1 Fitness that was the catalyst that changed all of this. I arrived with the goal of losing weight, looking leaner getting more toned. I had a clear view of what I wanted to achieve and a date by which I wanted to achieve it.
However it was Jamie that kept me focussed on getting to that goal and without his ongoing support I would never have achieved it. Jamie was on hand throughout the process, always taking the time whenever I needed nutritional advice, motivation and or refocussing after a slip up or two. I would never have managed to stay on track to achieving my goal without him. Jamie kept the sessions interesting, challenging and exciting as we used a combination of weights, prowlers, body weight exercises and more.



Pre-wedding hard work has paid off.

"I absolutely love the 30 minute sessions - the different mix of personalities of the trainers in the morning sessions really work for me. I like the variety of the different styles and exercises of all of your trainers. The results have been FANTASTIC!"



Sean Mcgeough

Simon pushed me when I needed to be pushed, he supported me when I needed to be supported. Simon not only trained me but also taught me techniques and built my confidence to allow me go to Fitness First and train myself. 





I did the 6 week transformation programme and then a further 10 personal training sessions with Lyanne in a bid to lose some weight and tone up. Using weights and various bodyweight exercises, my overall strength and fitness has improved so much in a short space of time that I was able to perform exercises I could never have attempted on my own. 




I signed up for a 12 weeks transformation, and I can honestly say that I am now the fittest I have ever been in my life. Simon has been a great support and trainer all the way through the transformation pushing me to do better, coming up with new sessions and always being friendly and smiley. 


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