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We always recommend continued learning, as Personal Trainers we are constantly exploring new schools of thought and adding to our knowledge. Here are a couple of titles that we'd suggest reading. Once you're on the course, we will advise on a whole host of others.

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Our Help With Your Future


A huge part of our development process is preparing students for

“life after the course”.


As City Studio operators, we offer a great “hands on” learning platform with

free access to all our fitness classes whilst on our course.

Our in-house Personal Trainers are always on hand to advise students with advice on

working in the industry.


We are the ONLY course provider that offers this unique “train as much as you like”

facility, meaning you can supplement your classroom sessions with as many free

training sessions as you like.


We also include in our courses;


Bespoke PT job interview preparation –

essential in our opinion. If you’re looking for a job as a PT when newly qualified,

you will be competing against established PTs with 100s of hours of experience,

knowing how to sell and present yourself at this stage is imperative.


Self employed responsibilities overview –

If you intend to work for yourself straight away, it’s important to ensure you’re up

on your facts. We spend time to make you aware of the formal aspects of self-employment, such

as liability insurance, book-keeping etc. Although not legal advice, our guidance

provides insight on areas worthy of attention. As part of this guidance, we

recommend areas where professional advice can make sure you get it right.


Marketing –

Useful for either route taken post training, but most relevant to those looking to set

up on their own. We cover areas on promoting, branding, and fee charging.

Personal Training is a skilled profession, and relies on the Trainer delivering their

knowledge in the most effective way. Very often personal trainers are sought to help

overhaul an individual’s physical wellbeing and appearance, with such bespoke

requirements, it’s our belief that fees shouldn’t be discounted, and we offer advice

on how to keep your rate representative of the professional service you provide.

Don’t discount, you don’t have to, and it only devalues your skills.

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