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Carlos Mendonca - Course Tutor

Carlos’s passion for sport is reflected in his abundant and diverse sporting qualifications, achievements and endorsements. Carlos is a team player but also has distinctive characteristics as a strong and passionate individual, evident from his success in long distance and marathon running success.

Carlos delivers his knowledge in a consistent and considerate fashion, his attention to detail and acute perception of peoples’ strengths and weaknesses enables him to truly bring out the best in individuals and groups.

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I am a strong motivator and passionate people person. I take great satisfaction from applying my knowledge in the health and fitness industry to help people see potential in themselves they previously didn’t recognise.

I have an MSc Exercise & Health Behaviour, which has furnished me with substantial knowledge, but I am a firm believer in the notion that we never stop learning. I take a research-based approach to my tutoring, and relish the opportunity of helping people achieve their goals in Personal Training through educating them, and then advising them on the many areas of opportunity in the industry.

I have supplemented my advanced qualifications and sporting accomplishments in marathon running with further tutoring certification in; Strength & Conditioning, Spinning, Exercise Referral, Exercise and; Pregnancy, Exercise for The Elderly, Aqua Training, and Suspension Training.

I was proud to work at the London Olympics 2012 in the main gym facilities helping the competing athletes with their strict training program requirements. I take grate pride in getting people through their Personal Trainer Qualifications and bringing them to a point of career readiness. I’m very respondent to the notion, you get out what you put in, and I’m always happy to help students with any additional revision or study they may require, I know my colleague Darren would echo this sentiment. I’m delighted to be a No1 tutor working with such a great team.

Darren Morton - Course Tutor

Darren Morton joins us with an extensive dual industry background, extensive qualifications and experience in the health and fitness industry and world class credentials in hospitality representing a leading global brand. Darren’s unique background makes for unrivalled quality in delivery of both subject knowledge, and brand standards for those looking to identify as the most professional, client winning personal trainers.

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I have been working in the service industry for over 25 years and I am as passionate about providing service excellence now as I was all those years ago. My career started with one of the worlds leaders in service, British Airways. I travelled the world in the role of cabin crew for 15 years, so my standards have always been at the highest of levels, I learnt from the best, and still take great pride in my presentation. 

My career change into the fitness industry happened 15 years ago, when I found the perfect relationship between service and people, my 2 passions, and invested in myself getting qualified as a level 3 Personal Trainer, this major change just happened to be the best thing I had ever done career wise and decided to immerse myself in everything fitness.

I am still an active Personal Trainer, and have been for 15 years and every aspect of this role is rewarding in so many different levels. Being on the gym floor working with my clients keeps me relevant and current in new trends in our forever changing industry keeping me up to date when educating my students.

I decided that I needed a different facet to my career and decided to invest in further education only this time I took the road to a Teachers qualification as I discovered my heart and passion was in educating people. I had found my niche in life, exciting times lay ahead.

I have been a tutor/ assessor delivering gym instructor and personal trainer courses for one of the largest training providers for 3 years now and also turn my talents to many small one day courses, first aid, high intensity, business studies, kettlebells, padwork for PT’s and nutrition to name but a few, all of which I am qualified in, and I can safely say I absolutely love being in this kind of learning environment, its so diverse, inclusive and fun, just the way education should be.

This career has been the most rewarding of them all, I would go as far as saying at present this role has been the pinnacle of all my years in the business, I truly love working alongside and investing in people, watching them achieve their full potential. Not many people can say that they love their work to that extent! 

I have recently joined no1 fitness as a tutor/ assessor and very excited about being on-board with such a diverse and professional group of people. Their work ethics and standards resonates what I represent and I feel we are a perfect match in delivering and educating our students and cant wait to get more involved in such an amazing opportunity.

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