Level 3 Personal Trainer

The PT course gives you the knowledge and certificate to train clients one on one in a gym setting, giving them the personal support they need to get real results.


The level 3 course on its own is only suitable for those who have already gained level 2 elsewhere in the last 24 months. If you are starting from fresh to become a Personal Trainer you will need to complete the full levels 2&3 combined course in order to qualify as a fully fledged Personal Trainer.

The course outline, set by the awarding body, is as follows:

Anatomy and Physiology

In-depth knowledge of the human body and different systems that make us a complex organism.

Programming Personal Training

As an elite in your field you must be able to design an in-depth schedule for your client, taking into account their body shape and individual attributes.

Delivering Personal Training Sessions

Delivery is key in this business and we will equip you with advanced training techniques, fitness testing protocols and how to motivate your client – the bricks and mortar of your business.

Nutrition for Physical Activity

What is a macronutrient? What is a micronutrient? This part of the course will give you the knowledge on the human body’s digestive system as well as looking at government guidelines for physical activity and how to implement these strategies for your client.

Whilst the above covers the industry requirements, at No1 Fitness, this is never enough for us! This is why all our tutors have at least 8 years of client success in order to come up with new research and methodologies. We also trawl peer-to-peer reviews and new findings so that you don't have to. The below outlines how No1 Fitness is unique in providing you with the tools to emerge as a truly premium Personal Trainer, with an understanding of tailored PT that not many can boast.

Personal Nutrition Strategies

What about that client who wants sub 10% body fat? Or the one who wants to walk out onto a body building stage? We will teach you how we achieve body transformations and how to approach each client as an individual, setting you apart from the rest.


Supplements are a big business now, and growing by the day. We teach you an overview of the best supplements available, and provide you with the knowledge to advise your clients which ones will help fine tune their results.

Hormonal Response

Hormones are starting to come into the forefront of the fitness industry and how they affect fat storage, something we have incorporated since No1 Fitness launched years ago. We will give you little tools to help clients make those tweaks that make all the difference to their shape.


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