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Congratulations! If you've clicked on to our site to find out about the No1 Fitness Education programme, then you're one step closer to becoming not just an average Personal Trainer, but a truly great one. How do we know? Because we make it our business to provide tutors that are the very best that the health & fitness industry has to offer.

Just like our approach to Personal Training, we don't take our role as education providers lightly. Which is why our tutors are highly successful personal trainers, who transform the health and happiness of countless clients on a day-to-day basis.

Lots of courses out there provide tutors that can teach you the theory, but may not have trained for a while. The fact that you can learn from experts that are still living, breathing, eating PT is a brilliant opportunity to gain the thorough, current knowledge that many are not exposed to until they get out there and start working.

No1 Fitness Education is also unique in providing a whole breadth of practical teaching, not to mention current schools of thought on nutrition that other courses simply don't offer. Read on to find out more ...

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